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Salon Hair Cut & Style $55

Barber Cut $35

Barber Cut & Color $90

Buzz Cut $25

Electric Scalp Shave $20

Electric Face Shave $15

Hairline Cleanup $15

Bang Trim $15

Beard Design $20

Beard & Mustache Color W/Design $45+

All haircuts include a shampoo.


Hair & Scalp Treatments

Shampoo & Blow Dry Style $45+

Shampoo & Thermal Style $60+

Hard Water Removal Deep Treatment $50+

Scalp Hydration Massage Treatment $30

Deep Conditioning Treatment $40+

All Three Treatments Combo $99+


Hair Chemical Services

Color Regrowth, Cut & Style $140

Solid Color, Cut & Style (Permanent or Demi) $165+

Blonding/Lightener $320+

Full High (or) Low Lights $200+

Partial High (or) Low Lights $150+

Full Multi Color High & Low Lights $230+

Partial Multi Color High & Low Lights $160+

Corrective Color Priced Per Consultation

Hair Extensions Priced Per Consultation

Keratin Complex Smoothing/Strengthening + Take Home Product $350+

Permanent Wave $220+

All chemical service prices listed here are subject to increase, depending on length and volume of hair. These prices also include a haircut.

Body Hair Removal

Basic Bikini Wax $40

Full Bikini Wax (Front & Rear) $50+

Brazilian Trim $50

Brazilian Half & Half (Trim Front/Wax Rear) $60

Brazilian Wax (Women) $70+

Brazilian Wax (Men) $80+

Back Wax $75+ (Includes Shoulders)

Chest & Abs Wax $75+ (Includes Shoulders)

Shoulders Wax $35+ (included with back, chest, full arms)

Abs Wax $40+

Underarms Wax (Men or Women) $25

Half Arms Wax (Women) $35+

Half Arms Wax (Men) $50+

Full Arms Wax (Women) $50+

Full Arms Wax (Men) $80+

Upper Legs Wax (Women) $50+

Half Legs Wax (Men) $70+

Full Legs Wax (Women) $75+

Full Legs Wax (Men) $90+

Lower Body Wax (Women) $160+

Upper Body Wax (Men) $250+

Lower Body Wax (Men) $250+

Head to Toe Wax (Women) from $220+

Head to Toe Wax (Men) from $440+

Total Body Trim $150+

Waxing prices listed are based on predicted time allowances, and subject to increase if more time and products are needed.

Waxing and trimming services can be combined.


Facial Hair

Eyelash Tint $25

Eyebrow Tint $25

Eyebrow Wax $20

Lip Wax (Women) $15

Nose Wax $20

Ears Wax $20

Chin Wax (Women) $15

Cheeks Wax (Women) $15

Full Face Wax $45 (Does not include nose)


Manicures & Pedicures

Gel Polish Nails $30

Classic Nail Polish $25

Manicure Classic No Polish $20

Paraffin Dip W/Manicure $8

Paraffin Dip W/O Manicure $12

Gel Polish Removal Without Manicure $12

Gel Polish Removal With Manicure $Free

Pedicure No Polish $45

Pedicure With Polish $50

Paraffin Wrap – Add on for Pedi $10