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Salon Hair Cut & Style $45

Barber Cut $25

Buzz Cut $21

Electric Scalp Shave $15

Electric Face Shave $12

Hairline Cleanup $10

Bang Trim $8

Beard Design $12

Beard Color & Design $40

Bang Trim $8 (free between haircuts)

All haircuts include a shampoo.


Hair Treatments

Shampoo & Blow Dry Style $35

Shampoo & Thermal Style $45

Hard Water Removal Deep Treatment $50

Scalp Hydration Massage Treatment $50

Deep Conditioning Treatment $50

Any Two Treatment Combo $70

All Three Treatments Combo $99


Hair Color

Color Re-Growth $95

Solid Color (Permanent or Demi) $120

Full High or Low Lights $160

Partial High or Low Lights $120

Full Multi Color High and Low Lights $190

Partial Multi Color High and Low Lights $125

Corrective Color Priced Per Consultation

Hair Extensions Priced Per Consultation

Keratin Complex Smoothing/Strengthening + Take Home Product $270

Permanent Wave $170

All chemical service prices listed here are subject to increase, depending on length and volume of hair. These prices also include a haircut.

Body Hair Removal

Basic Bikini Wax $25

Full Bikini Wax (Front & Rear) $35

Brazilian Trim $50

Intricate Design Brazilian Trim $65

Brazilian Wax (Women) $60

Brazilian Wax (Men) $70

Intricate Design Brazilian Wax (Women) $75

Intricate Design Brazilian Wax (Men) $85

Back Wax $60 (Includes Shoulders)

Chest & Abs Wax $60 (Includes Shoulders)

Shoulders Wax $25 (included with back, chest, full arms)

Abs Wax $30

Underarms Wax (Men or Women) $20

Half Arms Wax (Women) $30

Half Arms Wax (Men) $40

Full Arms Wax (Women) $40

Full Arms Wax (Men) $50

Half Legs Wax (Women) $30

Half Legs Wax (Men) $60

Full Legs Wax (Women) $70

Full Legs Wax (Men) $85

Lower Body Wax (Women) $130

Lower Body Wax (Men) $155

Upper Body Wax (Men) $190

Head to Toe Wax (Women) from $160

Head to Toe Wax (Men) from $300

Total Body Trim $115

Waxing and trimming services can be combined.


Facial Hair

Nose Wax $15

Ears Wax $15

​Beard & Mustache Color $25

Eyebrow Tint $15

Eyelash Tint $20

Eyebrow Wax $15

Lip Wax (Women) $10

Chin Wax (Women) $12

Cheeks Wax (Women) $12

Full Face Wax $35


Manicures & Pedicures

Gel Polish Nails $30

Classic Nail Polish $25

Manicure Classic No Polish $20

Paraffin Dip W/Manicure $8

Paraffin Dip W/O Manicure $12

Gel Polish Removal Without Manicure $12

Gel Polish Removal With Manicure $Free

Pedicure No Polish $45

Pedicure With Polish $50

Paraffin Wrap – Add on for Pedi $10